Ramadan Card 1436AH


Praise to Allah for His Grace and Blessings, and I thank Him for granting us success and guidance. And prayers and peace be upon Muhammed the best of all Prophets sent, and to his pure family, and his great companions, and whoever follows in his guidance, and after that;

By the will of Allah, this message will reach as we enter into the Holy month of Ramadan: the month of goodness and rushing towards actions. And, so I direct towards you the best wishes on the coming of this month, and I wish you the most beautiful times as you experience delight in worship in this month. I ask Allah the Almighty, Lord of the Great Throne to bless us and you; and to grant us devotion and good works; and then acceptance. For if one is granted work with dedication followed by acceptance, then congratulations to him.

Ramadan is the month of Iman. So, let us make the effort to exit it with heightened amount of Iman, increasing manifold.

Ramadan is month of the Qur’an. Let us try to increase the number of times we recite the Qur’an. If we completed the recitation once, last year: let us aim for twice this year. If five: go for six; and so on. Let this year be better than the past.

Ramadan is the month of i’tikaaf (spiritual seclusion), particularly in the last ten days, both men and women. I am sure that you know the impact of i’tikaaf on the individual: heart and mind. Some scholars are of the opinion that the least i’tikaaf is a moment. So, remember to renew the intention of i’tikaaf whenever you enter the masjid, to double your reward, and Allah is generous and His treasures do not run dry.

Ramadan is the month of Prayer. Try to pray all obligatory prayers in a group, increase your extra prayers; and especially Taraweeh. Salah is a great subject, so one should increase as much as possible.

Ramadan is the month of giving; the month of spending, charity and generosity, The Prophet, salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam was more generous in Ramadan. Be mindful of your brothers and sisters throughout the world; some of whom have received Ramadan and yet cannot find a drink to quench their thirst or a mouthful of food to block their hunger. So, give and spend; and whatsoever you spend of good, He will replace it, and He is the Best of providers.

Ramadan is the month of supplication (dua’). So, trust in Allah and turn to Him. Increase your dua’; having certainty in Allah’s answer. Let us make dua’ for ourselves, that Allah grants us guidance and increase in righteousness. Let us make dua’a for our families that Allah keeps them well and blesses them. Let us make dua’ for the Muslim (men and women) that Allah lifts the difficulties that they experience, and grant them prosperity.

And finally, make dua’ for the leaders of the Muslim Community that Allah guides them to goodness, righteousness and correct vision and direction. And that Allah makes us worthy of carrying the message of Islam, and that He does not make us a trial for those who disbelieve, for He is Almighty, and capable of anything.

Ramadan is all this and more, it is a great opportunity to work, God willing, that will lead to forgiveness and emancipation from the fire.

Your Brother Omer El-Hamdoon

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