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By Ustath Zuheir Salim*

To the fasting…a greeting

Ramadan is upon you…

Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) used to announce to his companions the arrival of Ramadan as one would announce great news, and he would say: “The month of Ramadan is upon you; a blessed month in which Allah has decreed that you must fast. Throughout it, the gates of Paradise are opened, the gates of Hellfire are shut, and the devils are chained. In it is a night that is more precious that one thousand months. Whoever does not attain its goodness has indeed lost out.”

Some scholars stated that this hadith is the proper form of congratulation of one another upon the advent of Ramadan, as what could be better news for the believer than the opening of the gates of Heaven, and what could be better news for those who have excessed in sin than the gates of Hellfire being shut? Indeed, what could be better news for everyone than the devils being chained and shackled? Could there be a better time than this?

It was also narrated: “Upon you is Ramadan; the best of all months, so welcome. The month of fasting has arrived, and what a most magnificent visitor bearing great gifts.”

Ramadan is also a month of consolation, in which the blessings of believers are increased and in which whoever feeds a fasting person at the time of breaking fast shall have his sins forgiven and shall be saved from Hellfire and shall be rewarded equally to whom he has fed, without the other losing out even an iota of reward.

Upon hearing this, some companions asked the Prophet: “But some of us have nothing sufficient to feed others.” He responded by saying: “This reward is for whoever offers a sip of drink or a date. Yet, whoever feeds a fasting person until he or she are full, shall be granted a drink from my fountain in the Hereafter after which they shall not go thirsty until they enter Heaven.”

Ramadan is a month in which Allah Almighty blesses His servants with mercy and forgiveness and ultimate salvation, in which the Night of Power is the ultimate prize. Moreover, Allah grants mercy to those who are merciful to others.

May Allah bless and accept your offerings during this blessed month, and many blessed returns.




*Born in Aleppo in 1947, Ustath Zuheir Salim obtained a degree in Arabic language. His is a keen follower of Fiqh and Tafseer, and has a passion for international and Arabic poetry and literature. Ustath Zuheir has been working in Da’wah since 1975 and has managed the London-based Al-Sharq Al-Arabi Centre since the early 2000s. He has a large following on Facebook and is known for his encyclopaedic knowledge.



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17th May 2018 | 1st Ramadan 1439