Wisdoms (hikam) of Ibn Ata’illah

Compiled by Ustath Zuheir Salim*

Do not give up invocation of Allah because you are not present with Allah in it. It is worse to forget to invoke Him than to be inattentive while invoking Him. He might raise you up from invocation with heedlessness, to invocation with wakeful attention; and from invocation with wakeful attention, to invocation with presence; and from invocation with presence, to invocation with withdrawal from all that is other than the Invoked. That is not difficult for Allah.

A sign of the death of the heart: Lack of sadness about beneficial actions you have missed, and lack of regret about your mistakes.

Do not become so overwhelmed by your wrong action that it stops you thinking well of Allah. Whoever has knowledge of his Lord, finds that his wrong action is insignificant beside His generosity.

There is no minor wrong action when you face His justice.
There is no major wrong action when you experience His bounty.

No deed has more hope of being accepted, than the one you do and forget about, thinking it insignificant.



Muslim Association of Britain

2nd June 2018 / 17th Ramadan 1439