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An inspiring wisdom

     By Ustatha Zeinab Moustafa (Um Jehad)

An ancient saying goes: “In the struggle between the running water and the rocks it runs against; on the long run, it is always the running water that prevails.”

There are so many fascinating insights that could be sought from this.

Scientific facts assert the impact of running water, whether as rivers, streams and the such, on the topography of the earth. Indeed, over the course of millions of years, these running waters carve out valleys and ravines, and create flat lands as they progress to their ultimate falls.

On the beaches of seas and oceans, the constant unabating crash of the waves against the coastlines cause them to erode, break and restructure, as though the running water continues to progress towards its destination over the course of a long journey, regardless of the lengthy time it takes.

This fact led me to reflect on the many meanings it entails, that point to the secrets to success, unmissed by those of high ambitions and enlightened minds.

The elements that lead to the seemingly gentle, serene and delicate water streams that conquer over the solid rocks, rough terrains and unforgiving elements, are the constant endeavours, continuous effort and focus on the objective and time.

Rivers never stop their incessant pursuit, regardless of the lengthy and tiresome journey ahead. The connection between the source of the water stream and its ultimate destination, is constant and never ending, and regardless of the side effects which might be achieved on the way between the two points, the ultimate objective remains the focus.

If water sits still, it becomes spoiled or it could dry up and be absorbed by the earth it runs over. Similarly, societies rot and become corrupted when they cease to pursue their objectives of reformation, development, fighting corruption and developing sound structures built upon concepts of morality, goodness and beauty.

Our youth are most in need to comprehend these reflections, as they constitute the very basis upon which societies progress and upon them, the hopes of many hang. They are also likely to face difficulties, hurdles and impediments, and may feel unsupported or even despondent by the prevalence of evil and injustice, leading them to tire from the length of the journey. It is therefore essential that they understand that those who are determined, well-prepared, focused, sincere and confident are those most likely to succeed.

It is imperative that Muslims, and especially young Muslims, are aware of their message; to deliver good to all people and to spread the noble humanitarian values of Islam through their actions and conduct. It is also imperative that they realise that this needs a monumental effort, taking into consideration the wisdoms deduced from the natural flow of water.

My message to the youth is: you are our hope, so do not allow the flow of your aspirations and dreams stop or go dry, before you carve out of the rocks and boulders a better and brighter future, and remember that water is always destined to conquer over all that comes in its way.

Be with Allah and never despair.




*Ustatha Zeinab Moustafa, Um Jehad, was born in Alexandria, Egypt. She holds Diploma degrees in Law and Islamic Sharia from Alexandria University and has practiced Law in Egypt for 12 years. Ustatha Um Jehad has been a resident of the UK since 1994 and is a founding member of MAB. She has chaired the Muslim Women Society from 1998–2000, and is a specialist in Da’wa and Tarbiya affairs.



Muslim Association of Britain

19th May 2018 | 3rd Ramadan 1439