A victory in Ramadan

By Ustatha Zeinab Moustafa (Um Jehad)

Ramadan has always been a month in which victories of all sorts have been achieved. From the victory achieved by every person who fasts properly and perfectly, to the victories achieved in Badr, the conquest of Makkah, India, Sind and many others which marked Islamic history.

The conquest of Andalusia in particular offers countless lessons and remarkable stories.

History tells that the key battle after which Andalusia fell was on the 28th of Ramadan in the year 92 Hijri, 711 AD. Within a matter of two years the entire Iberian Peninsula, including parts of today’s Portugal and France, became under the rule of Muslims. Over many many decades, the values, ethics and teachings of Islam, along with science and advancements of all sorts spread widely, until one of the greatest civilisations of the dark and bleak middle-ages was established.

In 114 Hijri, 732 AD, one of the most important battles took place under the command of Abdulrahman Al-Ghafiqi near the French city of Tours. The Battle of Poitiers saw many Muslim fighters killed, so much so that it was referred to as the Court of Martyrs.

What is of note in that epic battle is the instructions given by the Frankish leader Charles Martel, who faced the Muslim army, when his generals told him of the tenacity and courage of the Muslim fighters. He told them: “Do not face them head on, as they will obliterate you like a tremendous flood as they have fortitude which overwhelms even the best of shields and armour. However, wait until their hands are full of the booties, when they are content in their new quarters and when they begin to quibble over leadership. Then they will differ and will use some to fight against others. That is when they will be defeated.”

And indeed, Martel’s prediction proved to be correct. In some historical narrations; the plentiful and heavy booties were one of the most important reasons for defeat that day.

We pray that hearts and minds are guided this Ramadan to understand not only the lessons of history, but to comprehend the real elements of achieving great things.




*Ustatha Zeinab Moustafa, Um Jehad, was born in Alexandria, Egypt. She holds Diploma degrees in Law and Islamic Sharia from Alexandria University and has practiced Law in Egypt for 12 years. Ustatha Um Jehad has been a resident of the UK since 1994 and is a founding member of MAB. She has chaired the Muslim Women Society from 1998–2000, and is a specialist in Da’wa and Tarbiya affairs.



Muslim Association of Britain

25th May 2018 | 9th Ramadan 1439