By Khalil Charles

Words of praise and congratulations ended a highly successful media skills training course this weekend held in M15922550781_845b7936e6_zarkfield in Leicestershire.

The main focus of the training to give participants practical experience in dealing with media interviews about issues pertaining to Islam and Muslim in the UK. The course was attended by Muslim professionals some of whom travelled from Rotterdam in Holland and Dublin in Eire.

The key outcomes of the course centred on understanding the nature of the media, media law, social media, newsworthiness and advice and tips around interviewing skills. Furthermore participants had to write Press Releases and manage a response to a media crisis. Candidates made recorded interviews and later agreed to form a new Facebook page: Muslim Media and Public Speakers to exchange ideas about techniques and lines of argument to deal with some controversial media interviews.

The weekend course featured controversial topics like apostasy, homosexuality, gender issues and terrorism in Islam. There is already talk of a repeat course in the near future. The MAB organisation’s team praised the engagement of the candidates. Dr.
Omer El-Hamdoon, President of the Muslim Association of Britain said,”It is always nice to see when participant get engaged with the course and take full part in the activities. We were fortunate to have a really gifted set of people that made it a great pleasure for me and the MAB team to train.”