The Muslim Association of Britain is following with great concern the government consultation on teaching sex and relationships education and PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health, Economic and Emotional) education in primary and secondary schools in the UK, which closes on Wednesday, 7th of November.

While acknowledging that these topics are of paramount importance for the development of every child, the concern is that government policy will lead to the erosion of the role, significance and support parents will be allowed or even able to play. There is also the concern that rather than education authorities and schools being accountable to parents, society is steadily heading to a reverse dynamic, so that any authority parents have over the education and nurturing of their children is severely curtailed.

The Muslim Association of Britain calls on all parents, educators and concerned citizens to make their voices heard through taking part in this public consultation, and to ensure that the public is completely involved in the shape, attitudes and moral compass of society’s future generations.

For further information and details of how to contribute to the consultation, MAB recommends visiting:


Muslim Association of Britain
5th of November, 2018