Everyday Ramadan


Run run run, Ramadan has come,

time to improve yourself and purify your soul.

You see, people take Ramadan as a chance to be a better person,

to make themselves a little bit more pure.

Purify their soul for the sake of Allah (swt),

is the one thing he has asked us to do for him,

is to fast the month of Ramadan.

But you see when you take Ramadan as a concept,

it’s a simple favour to Allah (swt).

But as Muslims we say we live our lives for the sake of Allah (swt)

So why not take the month of Ramadan,

and live life as if we are constantly in Ramadan.

Purifying ourselves as the days go by.

Yet, we only see Ramadan as an opportunity to better ourselves,

yet, we say we live for the sake of Allah (swt),

yet, it is only in Ramadan that we truly live for the sake of Allah (swt),

and take that time to purify ourselves and make change for the sake of Allah (swt)


Now you have your Eid at the end of Ramadan,

and then you forget about Ramadan.

It takes you another year for Ramadan to come back round again,

and you start to purify yourself again.


Now let’s take a step back,

and look at the concept of Islam.

The Rasul (saw) when sat with Jibreal (as),

Jibreal said to him speak to me about Islam,

and he told him the five pillars,

and then he said and about imaan,

and then he told the six pillars of imaan,

and then he said so tell me about ihsaan.


Now let’s stop there a second and think about the word ihsaan.

Think about what it means.

According to the hadith ihsaan is,

to believe and worship Allah (swt) as if you see him,

for if you don’t see Him,

He sees you.


Now imagine,

your every day to day actions,

your every day to day drama,

your every day to day gossiping.

Now let’s say for argument’s sake,

would you do that with the Prophet next to you?

Now if you wouldn’t do that with the Prophet next to you,

now imagine Allah (swt) beside you,

for Allah (swt) sees you at all times.

Allah (swt) sees all.


So live your life,

as every day to day Allah (swt) by your side,

for Allah (swt) is watching you,

and take the concept of Ramadan as a day to day worship for a month.

And live every single day as if living in Ramadan.

Worship Allah (swt) to the fullest on an every day to day,

and make every day a favour to Allah (swt) like Ramadan.


Taha Faour is a spoken word artist & architecture student from London.