A Guidance for the People

Alhamdulilah, He has allowed us to witness the best month of all year once again, the blessed month where Allah (SWT) has revealed His glorious book: “The month of Ramadhan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur’an, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion. So whoever sights [the new moon of] the month, let him fast it…” (2:158) and on the night of decree (Laylatul Qadr) nonetheless: “We sent it down on a Blessed Night: We have ever been sending warnings” (44:3) 

Sadly, the majority of us do not have a concrete relationship with the Quran. It is no surprise then that the mention of Ramadan, where the devils have been chained up, brings charity and Quran to our minds. Ramadan is an invaluable opportunity to rekindle our relationship with the Quran. Importantly, it should not only be limited to taraweeh prayers, but also outside of prayer, where we need to devote our time to studying and understanding the Quran. It is also an opportunity for all the young Hufath (someone who has memorised the whole Quran) to break-through and captivate us with their beautiful voices. Indeed, this month is the month of Qur’an. 

Growing up in a Muslim country, I always witnessed a lot of Qur’an competitions during this blessed month, which encouraged the whole community to pick the Qur’an off the shelf and start reading and memorising, or at least try to. However, during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic affecting the world, we might not witness most, if not any, of the spiritualities and activities we have grown accustomed to during this blessed month. Alas, this shouldn’t discourage us. If anything, it is a unique opportunity to do even more in our own household since we have more time on our hands! This is an excellent time to read and more importantly, deeply contemplate the Quran by studying it. 

Hence, I am going to mention below some ideas and activities that you can utilise during this blessed month whilst in lockdown. 

  • You may choose to find a partner to join this journey with you so you can all hold each other accountable and learn from each other. It can be anyone: your friends, siblings, parents, spouse or children. 
  • After you have found your partner(s), discuss your aims. This could be memorising the Quran, correcting your recitation, or even just helping each other stay on track whilst reading the whole Qur’an during Ramadan! 
  • If you are aiming to finish the whole Quran, it will be helpful to keep track of your recitation. This can be done by creating a progress table/chart for example and posting it on a group chat with all the participants to hold yourself accountable and get motivated by those ahead of you with their daily readings! 
  • Another tip for those who are interested in reading the whole Qur’an in 30 days of Ramadan in Arabic (this tip will only work if you read from the Othmani script): The Othmani script, like any other Quranic script, has 30 Juz’s, however each Juz’ is 20 pages. Therefore, if you read four pages with each Salah (prayer) you end up reading 1 Juz’ a day. Carry out this during the whole month. You can space the four pages to two pages before and after each Salah – and voila, you’ve read the whole Quran! Congratulations! 
  • To keep yourself and your partners motivated, you can have a light-hearted competition and by the end of the month, you can even all chip in to buy a present for the winner, for example, someone who was able to memorise/read the most! 
  • Finally, you may find it useful to get in touch with someone who can help with your recitation, or even hire a sheikh with your friends and have a group call, where you can all take turns reading to the sheikh. This is extremely helpful for those of you who are memorising the Quran. 

In summary: find a partner, set an aim, hold yourself accountable, and finally keep the show running! 

I would like to end with a gentle reminder to myself first and foremost, that this may be our last Ramadan. In fact, we might not even witness the end of it. So, let’s take this newfound chance where we have more time on our hands compared to previous times and use it to the max! Remember the reward you will gain for this and more importantly, remember the reward you will also gain from getting others involved with you. Share the khair! Finally, don’t forget to always take a moment and renew your intentions.


Moustafa Aboughadir is an Aerospace engineer, currently in his final year of a sought PhD. He is interested in Quranic studies and Sociology and is part of the education team in the North London branch.