A Month of Hope

Assalamualikum WarahmatuAllahi Wabarakatuhu,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to this blessed month of Ramadan, the holiest month in Islam, where Muslims all over the world abstain from worldly desires for the sake of their Lord. It serves as an opportunity to get closer to Allah (swt), one that Muslims will probably remember yearning for, with an element of hope for His mercy, as well as His blessings. 

This month will undoubtedly be different. Let’s acknowledge that. The communal aspect of the holy month, one that brings an incredibly unique experience for many of us, may not be as strong. With every problem, however, comes opportunity. COVID-19 has come as a shock to everyone – affecting all of us, some considerably more than others. However, there are many lessons to be taken away from this pandemic for everybody. This Ramadan will indeed be a prime chance to self-reflect and celebrate loved ones and friendships. 

The fact that we have an opportunity to fast & purify ourselves once again, to make that extra night prayer, or even to rekindle our relationship with the Quran, are all blessings that need to be grabbed with both hands. Hope without a plan, however, is not the wisest approach. Neither is an extravagant plan when there are clearly other responsibilities we may have. There are 2 tips that I will be keeping in mind this coming month inshaAllah:

Firstly, we will all likely have some sort of plan prepared for this upcoming month, whether that is to read the Quran daily, understanding the words of Allah better by exploring the tafseer (explanation), or giving charity. Accountability is the key to ensuring that those targets are being achieved. Find yourself a trustworthy Ramadan buddy, someone that will take the time to ask you about your daily goals & how you’re doing with them – this will keep you on your toes.

Secondly, we are blessed with a faith that allows us to reap rewards, worship Allah (swt), and strengthen this relationship with Him through all aspects of life. We have an opportunity to integrate worship in everything we do. For those that find themselves busy with work or studies, take that extra time at the start of each day to renew your intentions. Find purpose in what you do and link it back to how this may strengthen your relationship with Allah (swt) – the ultimate aim here, thus we may be worthy of His mercy and blessings, inshaAllah. 

We at MABY have a number of initiatives lined up this coming month, and this blog is the first in a series of blogs where we’ll share our experiences and tips for the month, so be sure to engage with your thoughts!

Although we may miss parts of the communal spirit of Ramadan, our volunteers at MABY have been working tirelessly to provide an alternative online experience. Be that in the form of our Webinars, Tajweed classes, blogs & videos – do what you can to keep engaged. I ask Allah to bless this month for us, and to give us the willpower to remain steadfast in worshiping and rekindling our relationship with Him. May we all welcome the next Ramadan with the honor and resolve of having left all difficulties behind.


Mohamed Fettah is a Software Consultant by profession, and the current President of MABY. He is passionate about bringing positive change to the community through the holistic development of young men and women.