Ramadan Reflections

Ramadan is an extremely blessed time, not only a time of self-reflection but also for reaching out. Reaching out and sharing knowledge, experiences and benefitting others were we can. In that spirit, we’ve launched the Ramadan Reflection series, where we’ll be sharing reminders on a wide range of topics in hopes that we can share what we have and benefit other insh’Allah!

Welcome Ramadan!

I want to take this opportunity to welcome you and congratulate you on reaching this wonderful opportunity. Over the next 30 (or so) days Muslims across the world will increase their worship and servitude to their creator, in anticipation of his mercy and in gratefulness to his many blessings […]

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And you love to pardon, so pardon me

Growing up, I had a particular – if unforgiving – view of religion. I held myself up harshly to a standard that I always kept failing, and at times, despair overwhelmed me. I’d think of all the sins I have committed, knowingly and unknowingly, the small ones that littered my everyday life that I never gave a second’s thought when committing them, and the big ones that weighed heavy on my conscience […]

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Ramadan, you’re back

Ramadan is like the January of a new year- create resolutions, hit maximum power at the start, exhaust yourself and soon after, begin to neglect your goals. Sound familiar? You might tell yourself it’s okay, give yourself a couple of excuses and that there’s always next year. But really it is not okay, because unlike any other month, you can gain something in Ramadan that you cannot gain anywhere else […]

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And time flies by

Take my advice, be wise and shout this year ‘Ramadan is mine!’ with goals that will make time turn to gold.
Staving your body of food and water from dusk until dawn,
Helps you tame your beast that’s desire led,
Ramadan is a month of change to bring you closer to Al wadood
So make yourself some new rules based on incremental steps or you will lose […]

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No one else witnesses

It’s 10.24am according to my phone. Though exhausted, I’m wide awake but every part of me is telling me to pull the bed cover over my head and not to go out. Breathe in and out, in and out. I try to pace my breathing […]

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A Single Dua’a

Ramadan, as we know it, it’s the holiest month of the year in which we increase our worship to Allah swt. This worship comes in many different ways and forms. Duaa is often a form of worship that is underutilised, it’s a form of worship that can be carried out in any place at any time […]

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Online or Offline?

Social media is blamed for all manner of things, be it the distraction of our youth all day long, the introduction of crazy trends and challenges internationally, the obsession with oneself,  not being able to eat a meal before taking a picture and the duck pout […]

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Everyday Ramadan

Run run run, Ramadan has come,
time to improve yourself and purify your soul.
You see, people take Ramadan as a chance to be a better person,
to make themselves a little bit more pure […]

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The Ramadan Dip

One of the hardest parts of being in a regular routine that you can’t control – whether that be work, exams, or other requirements – is feeling that physically you might be too tired due to the fast, the low glucose levels, etc. This usually means that we might feel demotivated as we aren’t able to do enough, or that we might even get complacent and spend the long fasting hours doing something else or justify not putting in more time with the Qur’an etc  […]

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Against the Grain

Visiting like clockwork, Ramadan brings a sense of calmness. I welcomed the month with such vigor and excitement like many others. Methodically ticking off goals and renewing my intent. A month of self-reflection, constantly looking inwards rather than outwards. Though, the speed at which this month has passed has left me bewildered, saddened to see it pass so soon […]

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The Final Run

So we are in the last ten nights of Ramadan. The final run to seek Allah’s forgiveness and increase our good deeds in this blessed month. If you don’t feel as though you have given your best so far in Ramadan, don’t worry! Whether you got caught up with exams, school or work make these last 10 nights your priority as there is still an opportunity to receive forgiveness and greater rewards […]

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