In the early hours of Tuesday (19/12/2017), officers from Counter Terrorism Policing (North East) arrested four men from South Yorkshire and Derbyshire on suspicion of terrorism offences.

Two men, aged 22 and 36-years-old, were arrested from properties adjacent to the Fatima Community Centre in Burngreave, Sheffield.

The Fatima Community Centre is owned by the MAB Charitable Trust; and is managed by a local management team in Sheffield.

The Fatima Centre Committee is working closely alongside the Police Authorities to resolve this situation and safeguard all communities, for which the South Yorkshire Police have expressed their gratitude.

We join the Police in urging the community to remain vigilant, but not to be alarmed by these recent incidents.

On Wednesday (20/12/2017), the Police have removed the cordons and the road accessing the Fatima Centre has been reopened.

We would like to use this opportunity to refute the allegations made that the Police raid was on the Fatima Community centre. When – in fact, the raid was on the adjacent flats.