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It is imperative to understand that the rituals a Muslim performs are prescribed to sustain one’s meaningful life and strengthen the relationship with one’s Lord. However, if the system through which the rituals are delivered become a threat to the sacred soul it nourishes, then the system must be halted, and protection of the worshipper [...]

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Hundreds of mosques across the UK open their doors to the public

More than 250 mosques across the UK, from Inverness to Cornwall, will today be opening their doors to their neighbours of all faiths and no faith as part of the fifth annual Visit My Mosque Day. The national initiative, which was conceived in 2015 by the Muslim Council of Britain, builds upon decades of interfaith [...]

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Mosques in Britain

As far back as 1860, Britain's first mosque was recorded in the register of religious sites, at 2 Glyn Rhondda Street, Cardiff, Wales. Nearly three decades later, Britain’s first mosque was established as the Liverpool Muslim Centre, by Imam Abdullah Quilliam in 1889. At the same time, the first purpose built mosque was erected at Woking in Surrey, known as [...]

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