The Muslim Association of Britain notes the publication of an article in the Telegraph titled “Second Scout volunteer suspended and more groups referred to police amid extremism concerns”, which attempts to smear MAB along with a number of British Muslim scouting groups.

While not the first time blatant falsehoods have been printed, the article above ended with the claim that MAB was approached for comment but failed to respond. MAB categorically denies that anyone from either the Telegraph or any other media source approached it for comment on this matter.

MAB is proud of its efforts in supporting community and youth groups, and The Telegraph’s unsubstantiated claims are nothing more than dog-whistle Islamophobia.

Whilst MAB consults with its solicitors and all parties concerned, it is interesting that the Telegraph continues to quote and refer to discredited, disreputable and totally unreliable sources such as the Henry Jackson Society who, among many other accusations, were expelled from parliament due to lack of transparency.

MAB takes such accusations seriously and reserves the right to reply to this poor and wholly inaccurate article, and will do so upon the conclusion of its consultations.


Muslim Association of Britain
22nd January 2019


Note to editors:

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  • Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) is a UK organisation founded in 1997, dedicated to serving society by promoting the accepted understanding of Islam with its spiritual teachings, ideals, civil concepts and moral values, all directed towards serving humanity.