The Conservative party leadership is dragging its feet on Islamphobia. Reports of refusal to publish the already limited and widely criticised inquiry into racism within the party adds to mounting evidence that the Conservative party has a problem with racism and especially Islamophobia.

The Muslim former Chairwoman of the Conservative party, Baroness Warsi, has identified and been ignored on Islamophobia in the party. The former chair of the Conservative Muslim Forum, Mohammed Amin, wants to know why “lots of anti-muslim bigots believe they belong in the party.” Sajjad Karim, a Muslim former Conservative MEP suffered Islamophobia from his colleagues including a minister. The first Muslim Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, having failed to get an inquiry privately, publicly had to call for an independent inquiry into Islamophobia during a leadership election to get others to accept.

As a report by the Muslim Council of Britain identified, the Conservative party has a blind spot when it comes to Islamophobia that exists throughout the party. This narrow inquiry has missed key witnesses and asks the wrong questions. Yet even, it still has not been published 2 months after completion and 2 years after being called for. It must be published immediately.

Raghad Altikriti, President of MAB, said “Whilst we do not believe the inquiry will be conclusive or satisfactory it delays a comprehensive inquiry into Islamophobia in the Conservative party. We renew the call for an independent inquiry into allegations of Islamphobia in the Conservative party and we expect the EHRC to step up after the blatant and consistent dismissal of this issue by the conservative party leadership.”


Muslim Association of Britain

3rd April 2021

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