Macron’s calls for a charter of ‘republican values,’ and French interior minister Gérald Darmanin’s latest comments, is a continuation of France’s rhetoric in further curtailing freedom of speech and expression of French Muslims. A discourse that only further alienates and ostracises French Muslims for expressing their faith.

At a time when President Macron should be bringing society together, upholding fundamental freedoms and rights for all, the Muslim Association of Britain is concerned that this charter is a trajectory for further calamity. Extremism and the abrogation of civil liberties on the altar of securitisation should and must be opposed in the same breath.

The attempts to control Muslim public life and private beliefs only send the message that the mere existence and visibility of Muslims can be a national security threat. In the context of the normalisation of the far-right throughout Europe, this rhetoric could not be more dangerous.

MAB condemns President Macron’s latest moves and will continue to stand against actions that seek to curtail civil liberties, freedom of speech and religious freedoms. MAB’s President Raghad Altikriti said, “We urge President Macron to come to his senses, put a halt to his Islamophobic and divisive narrative that seeks to control and dictate to Muslims how to practice their faith. This charter is nothing but an attempt to pander to far-right narratives and to send a message to Muslims that they must “stay in line” or face consequences.”


Muslim Association of Britain

20th November 2020


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