US President Donald Trump arrives in London on Friday amid widespread national protests and demonstrations against his visit, policies, pronouncements and rhetoric.

While wishful thinkers may have hoped that Trump’s misogynistic, fascist and bigoted statements were empty words to monopolise a popular vote, his actions have only proved that he is exactly as his words painted him out to be.

It must never be forgotten that within a week of Trump becoming president, he signed a flurry of executive orders authorising the construction of a wall separating the US from its southern borders, allowing federal agencies to stop healthcare for the vulnerable and granting border agents greater freedoms to detain immigrants as well as banning nationals from Muslim-majority countries from entering.

Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric is not unknown. During his campaign, Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” and suggested a ‘Muslim registry’ too; the implications of which have a dangerous precedent set by history. This was followed by his outrageous declaration stating that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and announcing the moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, annulling decades of struggle and efforts to find a just and peaceful resolution to the crisis of our time. In the last couple of weeks, the world watched in horror as Trump’s administration worked overtime to take away children, including babies, from their parents who had migrated to the US in search for safety and a new life.

The Muslim Association of Britain rejects this visit. We, alongside hundreds of British groups, associations and campaigns will be holding a joint national protest in Central London on Friday the 13th of July to declare our outrage, and to send a clear message to the government that he, and all what he represents, are not welcome.

Anas Altikriti, President of MAB stated this morning: “Britain’s close relationship with America should never be based on the occupier of the White House, rather the shared values, and Trump has only shown contempt to every value we hold dear.

“Donald Trump is not welcome in the UK, and MAB hopes that the Prime Minister will let the Trump administration know in no uncertain terms that fascism under the guise of security will not be tolerated,” Altikriti added.

Muslim Association of Britain
9th July 2018

Join us on Friday 13th of July at 2.30 for Friday Prayers at Cavendish Gardens, after which the assembly will be at the BBC nearby at 3.00 while the rally will be held at 5.00 in Trafalgar Square.



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