A spate of attacks across the capital saw six stabbings on Thursday in the space of 90 minutes as violence continues to rise in the country impacting countless communities, is cause for significant concern to MAB.

The numbers of attacks have soared in Britain’s capital this year, with 51 killed so far this year; 22 in March alone, according to the Metropolitan Police. More than half of those killed were in their 20s or younger – and poor.

London, long priding itself on being a safer haven than the other global cities, is now vying for a top spot with New York; a shocking statistic for our capital city which has been witnessing a steady decline in crime rates for a number of years.

At a time when crime is on the rise, government budget cuts to police forces are hitting the country where it needs help the most particular on the level of local police and community officers who are at the frontlines of fighting local crime.

Speaking on behalf of MAB today, Mustafa Al-Dabbagh stated: There is a strong correlation between areas of high social deprivation and crime rates, and government cuts are not only affecting local police efforts but impacting those suffering the most. MAB urges the government to look to areas of deprivation suffering an array of social problems and look for solutions that will tackle problems at their root.”

MAB applauds the initiative of community leaders and activists due to meet in East London to call for an end to the flurry of violence, gang-related or otherwise, and calls for a national debate to be held by local governments and police authorities, community leaders, youth and former gang members along with all stakeholders to better crime prevention, from looking into stop and search policies, addressing issues of social deprivation and drug and alcohol abuse to education from an early age.


Muslim Association of Britain

7th of April 2018



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