UK puts profit over Human Rights

February 10th, 2021|Comments Off on UK puts profit over Human Rights

The Muslim Association of Britain is deeply disappointed with the outcome of the House of Commons vote to reject plans on the Genocide Amendment to the Trade Bill.

This amendment would have allowed UK domestic courts to fill the gap in the international justice system, strengthening human rights advocacy and sending a powerful message to perpetrators of war crimes. Tuesday’s vote showed that the British government is more interested in using arcane procedural games rather than upholding their international responsibility to protect civilians from atrocious human rights violations. 

China is engaging in a genocidal campaign against the Uyghurs who have been rounded up into modern-day concentration camps. The Uyghur population continues to face atrocities such as rape, sexual violence, enforced sterilisation, starvation, and forced labour in these camps. Speaking on behalf of MAB, Mustafa Al-Dabbagh said “It might be impossible to negotiate with a genocidal regime, but let there be no doubt that wealth through trade with Britain can only be achieved once human lives and dignity are secure. This bill done properly can save Uyghur lives, let’s not lose this opportunity”.

The Muslim Association of Britain calls upon the Government and parliamentarians to ensure all future trade deals reflect the UK’s obligations under the Genocide Convention. As the vote goes back to the House of Lords for another discussion, the government now has a second chance to reconsider its approach, and we implore it to do so. 


Muslim Association of Britain

10th February 2021


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