On Sunday 19th June 2016, the Vice President of MAB, Mr Mohammed Kozbar attended a vigil held for the late MP Jo Cox, who was murdered on M KozbarThursday 16th of June 2016.

The vigil was organised by the Islington MPs Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thornberry to commemorate the life of Jo Cox.

In a moving speech, Labour Leader Mr Corbyn told the crowd gathered outside the town hall: “Yesterday morning, Emily and I were discussing the horror of this situation. Jo was simply doing her job when she was shot and stabbed. She is now dead, her children orphaned and husband grieving. Her whole town is grieving.”

Mohammed Kozbar attended to pass on condolences on behalf of MAB, and to reiterate the importance of communities standing together in facing the despicable poison of extremism, which threatens social cohesion.