We all know and sense how “time flies” in general. This is even truer during the blessed month of Ramadan. Remember how sad we were last year when Ramadan ended. This year, Allah has granted us one more chance! All praise to Him! Alhamdu Lillaah!


This year, we propose to you a slightly different way to live Ramadan. Indeed we will encourage each other to multiple good deeds. And this year, we will also focus on what we must avoid. And this is a real challenge for those who feel brave enough to take it!

The general Islamic maxim states that “Averting harm is given priority over attaining benefits”.


During this blessed month, we will together turn inwards to ourselves to turn to Allah; work on ways to improve ourselves; and maintain the good deeds for after Ramadan. It is important to do this altogether, as there is encouragement from Allah, as He says, “And repent to Allah, altogether – O Believers – that you may attain success.”

Note the word “altogether”, for there is great blessing in working together, for a common aim and a common purpose.


On another note, we know how the Muslim image is continuously under threat. Only we can counterbalance this tendency. In fact, no one wants to attract negative attention. To counterbalance the negativity, we need more positive images and even more positive news. To do so, we must realize and understand where our breaches are, so that we can heal them and build society for our fellows and our next generation. We need to look at ourselves a bit deeper than usual; as Ramadan is not an average month.


Ramadan is a great time where we must stop or slow down the overwhelming life style we are in. It is also the month of resolutions. Ramadan is an intense training for our souls, which is much needed to live the rest of the year in a deeper peace. In fact, the benefits of Ramadan don’t end on Eid. You must remember that Ramadan is a compass for the vision you want for the rest of the year. What direction do we want to take? What does being a Muslim in the UK mean, today? What Muslim do I want to be? And what is my contribution to British Society and the World at large?


We ask Allah to give us all the will and strength to be better humans for this Blessed month and after that, as taught by Prophet Shuaib (alaihi as salam):  “And I do not want except the betterment, as much as I can. And my success lies only with Allah.”


Ramadan Kareem!

Happy Ramadan!


Dr Omer El-Hamdoon