Ramadan is a month of change. But how can we plan for change?

We know that Ramadan has been ordained on everybody. However each one of us is different. When we look at the obligations and recommendations prescribed for Ramadan, we realize that there is a double dimension: communal and individual.


The communal dimension involves being part of a community, the Muslim community of course, the neighborhood and more widely the Society. So what plan do we make for the Muslim community, for the neighborhood and what do we plan for British Society?

The economic and social impact of Ramadan is very important and there are many opportunities and ways to contribute to the society we live in during this blessed month.


The individual dimension is the very personal relationship we build with Allah. As any healthy relationship it needs to work in both directions: we give and we receive. Although we do need Allah when He doesn’t need us, being grateful for His uncountable blessings and being better individuals is the way to please Him. Indeed Ramadan is the time we look at ourselves (in the mirror), with no artifice, with no mask. It is the month to decide what room we make for Him in our lives.


So plans we make for Ramadan should be bi-dimensional as well; for the Community in a wide sense: for the Human Community and for the individuals that we are.

These two dimensions also allow us to understand the Islamic obligations and recommendations we must put into practice during this month.

The individual dimension is found in

  • The fasting
  • The ’I‘tikaaf. Develop the inside.
  • Reflections on the Qur’an


The communal dimension is encouraged in

  • The taraweeh
  • The zakat-ul-fitr


More explanations about the obligations and recommendations of Ramadan are coming soon!

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